my new bag.

I really wanted to call this one “my new baby”.  Move over, Coach… Michael Kors is in town:

I couldn’t help myself… 

If you want one go visit Michael Kors!  


my new home.

In addition to a new pet I also managed to decide I needed a major upgrade in my home life.  I found a new place and I move in at the end of this month.  I am very excited about the change.  Better neighbourhood, nice brand new place (literally everything has been redone), and new beginnings.  

A view of my new bathroom, sure it isn’t the entire bathroom but there is an adorable backsplash now and a little peek at my Coach bag of choice that day.

The bedroom where all of the magic won’t happen.  But come on… look at those floors.

My living room.  

The eat-in kitchen.  

One more shot of the kitchen because I love it so much.

Not featured is my amazing closets, my linen closet, and my hallway.  I am so excited to move in but it really means that I have to get my act together and start packing.  


One day I was supposed to be working and I decided to check out some puppies online.  Not that I was going to go out and get one but I wanted to add the “Awww…someday.” factor to my day.  And then I found an ad for Ramsey.  At first I thought I was just going to meet him to see if he actually liked me.  It was love at first sight.  

This is what he does while I crochet and watch The Big Bang Theory.  (His favourite hobby is napping.)  

He gets very excited when I get home from work.  Look at that tail wag. 

Here he is at his “grandma’s” wearing a sweater that he despises. 

Ramsey is perfect for me.  He loves walks, naps, having his belly rubbed, hiding treats that I give him and then collecting and binge eating them later, and he loves cheese and carrots.  He’s my little buddy.