feb 2015: 10 random things.

Since I am trying to get back into the blogosphere (just working on some kinks, learning, etc. and will come at it full force again soon) I decided to post 10 random things that make me happy today.

  • Patiently waiting for my first Ipsy bag!
  • My fiancé.
  • DuoLingo.
  • Our cat, Angus…slowly getting used to being a dog AND a cat owner.
  • Reaching my daily Fitbit goal.
  • Leopard print everything.
  • Crockpot meals.
  • My blog name.
  • Pinterest.
  • Snow Day Mondays.

We had a “Snow Day” on Monday which was lovely.  They do not happen often and it was amazing to be able to spend the day with my honey and our pets being lazy, napping, and watching Friends on Netflix.  I could have added Friends on Netflix, but that would have made 11 things.  Also, I am upset that Ross and Rachel haven’t started dating yet.  New Friends/Never watched before but watching now fan.

chicken taco chili.


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