short hiatus.

Sadly I have had to take a break from blogging as I have moved.  AND MY INTERNET WILL NOT BE HOOKED UP UNTIL THE 17TH.  Seriously going through withdrawals.  From cable and Internet. 

At least I have the move and slacking on unpacking to keep me going.  And a borrowed first season of Breaking Bad which I finished in two evenings.  And crochet.  There is always crochet. 

On top of that I have had the luckiest week.  With all the stress from the move it was nice to win tickets to a couple of music festivals.  With all the jealousy I have felt for everyone who has went to Osheaga in Montreal… it was nice to be able to see a few bands at a couple of festivals.  One of my favourite parts was being slightly tipsy in the afternoon at Edgefest.  Take a vacation day from work, get tipsy and watch The Lumineers play. 

Here is the line-up for Edgefest.  My favourite performance was obviously The Lumineers.  That being said… Mother Mother is amazing.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get much better… I won tickets to The Grove Music Festival.  Earl Sweatshirt, The Gaslight Anthem, Girl Talk, Hot Chip, and Phoenix.  Words cannot describe how much fun I had.  The cutest part were all of the hipster families bringing their kids.  These kids really knew how to bust a move.  One boy couldn’t have been older than two and he was fist bumping everyone around him. 

Plus.. if you do the Hokey Pokey with the Jager girls they will give you free hats. 

So far this summer has been filled with music.  Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and JT, Edgefest, Grove Music Fest, and coming soon… Festival of Friends for Dragonette and the Supercrawl with Yo La Tengo.  Such a great summer.


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