julep maven.

Mail order makeup?  Mail order nail polish?  ALL IN A LITTLE BOX?  Sign me up!  One day at work I decided to sign up for Julep Maven because I saw a little ad online for a free Maven Starter box.  I love nail polish, makeup, and beauty products… so I figured why not?!  The way it works is you sign up, take a quiz to find out your style, sign up for their monthly boxes.  They’re pretty pricey at about $20 a month but you do have the option to skip months if you’re not impressed with the monthly offerings.  You also have tons of beauty products at your fingertips at a discount.  

While I found their online help isn’t very effective–they don’t answer you at all (so far) other than on Twitter… their Customer Service phone line is incredible.  Both times I have called with questions they’ve been friendly, helpful, and exceeded my expectations.  

My Maven box came in the mail today and I am so very excited.  It took a week to ship which is better than I expected.  Cute packaging, and they send a few free little gifts as well. When I took the Maven quiz I was told my style was “Bombshell” and so we’re just going to roll with that.  

I received two nail polishes…the orange is called “Kaylen” and the gold is called “Oscar”.  They’re cute.  I was especially excited for the orange.  Nothing extraordinary that I haven’t seen before, but definitely not two colours I own in my 60+ nail polish collection.  Sadly I painted my nails last night so my review on the polish will have to wait until another day.  

I also received a full-sized Glycolic Hand Scrub which Julep boasts is a “facial for hands”.  They’re not kidding.  I used a tiny amount and my hands feel a-ma-zing.  No joke.  I have such dry, sensitive hands and they feel incredible right now.  Julep says you can also use it on your body and your face but I am scared my hands will get jealous and they need this scrub. I’m hooked.  

I am definitely hoping for a better polish round-up next time but I must say I am fairly impressed so far.  I am disappointed I missed out on the May Bombshell Box but perhaps June will have a fun surprise in store for me. If you feel like signing up, feel free to use me as a referral: Julep Website.  

DISCLAIMER:  I have not been paid with cash or products to review Julep.  (Wouldn’t that be nice though?)  Also, an apology to my favourite reader who probably has no interest in anything I’ve been babbling on about in this post. 


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