carder’s block.

I love making greeting cards.  Every year for Christmas I handmake up to 50 cards to hand out or mail to family, friends near and far, and co-workers.  The past couple of years I have really outdone myself.  The cards turned out beautifully but it always poses a problem when the holiday season is edging closer and closer…

“How am I going to top last year’s idea?”  

I stress about these cards, I have cried about them, I’ve glued myself with spray adhesive, I’ve endured multiple paper cuts, I’ve lost sleep over these cards, I’ve spent a lot of money on multiple supplies for multiple ideas that sit in craft boxes unused.  I am sure I could make an entire list of cons that would convince anyone to grab a box of assorted and pretty greeting cards and be done with the task…

But I am me.  There is just something very special about opening an envelope and knowing the person who gave you the card has spent so much time and effort on a piece of cardstock.  As much as I whine and moan about these cards… I love them.  I love every papercut, headache, and I love the reaction I receive when it’s all said and done.

My friend, Crystal, posted this photo on Twitter of a card I made and sent to her and her husband.  I used bold colours (navy blue, pink, lilac, red, forest green) with a holiday saying typed on each, stuck them onto cards and spray adhesive-d doilies onto each corner.  After that I trimmed the extra doily and VOILA.  A beautiful card!  

Forgive me for the horrible quality of this picture… it was taken late at night with my Blackberry.

I bought four circle punches, punched out a bunch of circles using different papers–patterns and colours and customized each card accordingly with patterns and colours I thought represented each person and/or family and/or couple.  I used double-sided craft tape to adhere each circle.  I used leftover doilies from my other cards to line up each wreath.  (I am still swimming in doilies.)  They turned out better than I imagined they would.

And now… it is almost November and I have no ideas.  Give it a month and I will have some ideas posted.


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