things i am going to miss.

Moving out is crazy and exciting.  I cannot believe that in 16 days I am going to be in my own little place that is absolutely adorable and full of character.  I’ve been buying items for years and now it’s all going to come together and be all mine. 

That being said, my mother seems pretty sad about the whole ordeal.  We had a conversation the other day that went a little something like this:  

Mom:  “You know… I never told you that you had to move out or leave.”
Me:  “I know, Mom.  But it’s time.  It will be fine.”
Mom:  “You can still change your mind and stay.  I just want you to stay.”

My poor mother.  I will be living 10-15 minutes away from her.  It’s not as if I am skipping town or the country.  It is definitely a little bittersweet.  I will miss a lot about living at home.

  • Watching “our shows” with my mother.
  • Annoying my brother.
  • My cats.
  • My overly girly purple bedroom that I’ve made adorable over the years.
  • Laundry for free.
  • My family.
  • My cats that are staying here because they love the house and the dog.
  • My mother annoying me in the morning because I am a grump and she’s overly chipper in the morning.
  • My backyard.
  • Not having to worry about making dinner because it will always be made for me.  (As awful as that is.)
  • Knowing someone else is always here if I hear a weird noise.
The best part about living 10-15 minutes from home?  I CAN COME BACK AND ANNOY THEM ALL ANYTIME I WANT.  I am also looking forward to inviting them over for dinner, having my own Christmas tree, and having a place that is all me.  

What a sap post this was.


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